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What's New at  Upton this month?

March 2019

Baby Room

March is such a busy month for all the rooms at our nursery and I am sure you would like to know what activities your little ones will be joining in with.

 In our 0-2 room this month the children will be beginning to look at the changes in the environment. Seeing if we can see those little signs of spring.

The children will be venturing out of the nursery going on walks around the local environment to spot signs of spring,

Using different media we shall create a wonderful spring picture taking pride and place on our display boards.

Pancake Day! The children will be creating their very own playdough pancakes where they can learn to toss and catch them in our miniature frying pans.

We shall also be tasting real pancakes and decorating them with different toppings.

 World book day is on the 7th March; where your child can dress up in a famous book character don’t forget their favourite book, as we shall be reading these throughout the day.

For Mothers day well let’s just say that with our little hands we shall be creating a special masterpiece just for you with lots of love


This month in the toddler room the children will be exploring how things grow!

We shall be looking at the spring flowers, using our hand and eye coordination to draw or paint these lovely flowers.

We shall be taking a part an onion bulb seeing the inside and learning the best way for it to grow.

We shall be planting more bulbs and flowers so we can water them and take care of them till they bloom.

We shall also be looking at how we grow, what’s our favourite yoga position, how we take care of our teeth by Mr Crocodile, and how tall are we?

We shall also be painting a self portrait so we can display it on our board.

For world book day we shall be hoping you will all dress up and celebrate with us.

On the 31st March is Mothers Day and we would like to invite all mums and grandmas (if they can) to celebrate their day with a delightful afternoon tea.


On your Marks….get set go…. The pre-school children will be using their skills in running to join in the pancake race.

Stopping at the finish line to catch their breaths, before tossing their pancakes in the air


7th March is world book day and we would like you and your child to bring in a stone so we can create a story stone for your garden. They will magically create their very own story while they paint their stones.

Don’t forget to bring in their favourite book as we can always find a cosy corner to read to your child.

1st and 17th March we celebrate two saint days so in Fun and fitness the children will be chasing the red dragon and stamping on those slithery snakes.

Also in art and design the children will be looking at Celtic patterns seeing how they intertwine and creating their own patterns.

On the 31st March is a very special celebration and I wouldn’t be a surprise if we told you everything so Mum and loved ones you will just have to wait and see but in the meantime, we would like to invite you for a cup of tea.

Invitations to follow. 



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