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What's New at  this month?

 Baby Room

This month in the 0-2 room the children will be encouraged to take part in their baby yoga session, this helps the children with their balancing, and also builds up their core strength and weight baring strength ready for those vital mile stones like sitting up and taking their first steps.

Lots of edible messy play will be on the menu this month we shall be crunching cornflakes using a variety of different tools, we shall be encouraging the children to fill and empty lots of different size containers and giving the children lots of praise as they attempt to mark make.

To encourage the children in sharing and taking turns we shall be having lots of fun rolling the ball to our friends.

The children have been singing Baby Shark so we shall be encasing lots of sea animals in ice for the children to explore. Brrrr its going to be cold.

Using our termly cohorts and working closely with our parents we shall be linking the children’s next steps to help develop the children’s learning.

Our family session for the 0-2 room is on 11th June water and bubble play so don’t forget to come along and join in the fun or come to our play and stay session for free on a Friday morning 10 am 11 am.

Dads watch out for a very special invitation to join our fathers day football tournament so brush up on them skills.

4th - 10th June child safety week

18th June photographer look out for your letter with further details

16th May - 14th June Ramadan

Toddler Room


This month in the toddler room it’s going to be full of excitement, the children have shown a great interest in the dolls so we will be creating a dolls hospital where the children will be bandaging the dolls and taking care of there bumps and bruises.


We shall also be using a variety of different sized boxes for the doll’s beds helping the children with simple mathematical sizing.


In the garden the very hungry caterpillar has come to join us on our hunt for mini beasts, we shall be exploring the story as we hunt for the different insects. We shall be reading the Bad tempered lady bird finding out what made her so bad tempered? and continuing this by creating our very own lady bird, counting spots and making a game of how many spots can you count.


In Pat a Cake the children will be creating their very own caterpillar out of cucumbers and raisins, I cant wait to see what they create!.


The children will be making their very own listening ears and using them both inside and out to see what sounds they can hear, look out for the amusing photos on tapestry. In a very hushed and whispered voice the children will be listening to the Very Quiet Cricket, Oo I haven’t heard this story may be if I am quiet I can listen too.


Outside we will be making muddy cup cakes and  decorating them with natural items we find in the garden.


Come along to our Little Explorer sessions Every Friday 1 pm - 2pm

Our family session for toddlers is on the 15th June decorating cup cakes.


Dads watch out for a special invite to join our father’s day football tournament brush up on those power shots. It would be so nice to see you come and celebrate fathers day at nursery may be we can rustle up some of those decorated cup cakes.



Pre-School is full of excitement at the moment the children have been practising hard and are learning their graduation song, have you got the words we posted them on tapestry? if not come and see me in the office and I will arrange a copy for you.

Lots of the school teachers have been visiting the children meeting them and getting them ready for their new and exciting journey. We have taken photos of their new teacher and they have been kind enough to bring lots of photos of the children new school to help with their transition.

The month of June we shall be practicing our smiles as the photographer will be coming to take the children’s photographs and we shall arrange for the dentist to come and visit the nursery.

PJ Masks have been a favourite of the children’s so we shall be incorporating their interest and intertwining it with lots of different learning skills such as how fast can you take your shoes and socks off (getting ready for P.E)

How many steps does it take to cross the garden?

We can’t wait to do some shadow drawing and recognising every day shapes of different objects. Helping the children to use their critical thinking and linking it to what they know.

We shall also be using white tape on the garden wall letting the children create their very own 2d shapes and with our large household paint brushes the children will be using their gross motor skills to write their name.

In our French class the children will be learning a simple greeting of hello my name is …. Wow what a very exciting month the pre-school children have ahead of them.

Why not come along and join us in our family session on the 13th June fun with recipes.

Also Dads watch out for a special invite to join our father’s day football tournament brush up on those goal keeper skills. it would be so nice to see you come and celebrate fathers day at nursery may be we can rustle up some of those decorated cup cakes.


Dates for your diary

PEEP - Little Explorers every Friday afternoon at 1.00pm 

Play and Stay Sessions every Friday 10am 11 am

14th May-14th June national smile month 


4th 10th June child safety week


18th June photographer


16th May 14th June Ramadan














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