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What's New at  Upton this month?

January 2020

0-2 room

This month in the 0-2 room we will begin January by celebrating New Year with our very own fire work pictures, the children will create their very own special picture with a variety of mark making tools.

As it gets colder we will be investigating the changes in the outdoors. With our friends we shall be going on local walks, talking about the winter weather, exploring the changes, and how we can help our woodland friends.

The children will be investigating what we have hidden in the ice, and if it gets really cold we shall be experimenting with freezing water in the outdoors to create an ice pond for the animals to skate on. Dancing on ice comes to Upton!

Toddler Room

We hope you have had a lovely Christmas,

This month we will be following the children’s interest so there will be lots of playdough to build up our gross motor skills. While we play with the water we shall be looking at volume and capacity and begin to use simple mathematical language.

We shall also be exploring our physical skills through ‘Sticky Kids’, learning new simple moves in yoga.

Along side these exciting activities the children will also be developing an understanding of shape by doing jigsaws and creating an exciting shape hunt outdoors.

Near the end of January, the children will be investigating the story of Chinese New Year, we shall see what animal the children are according to their birth year and making masks to decorate the room.


In pre-school this month we shall be welcoming he children back from their Christmas break, and welcoming our new friends who havejoined us.

We will be chatting about new skills they have learnt and of course talking about Santa and their new toys.

The children will be talking part in Funky Fingers, building up their fine and gross motor skills to music; they will also be taking part in our P.E Session Sticky Kids and learning about how our body changes when we do exercises, and what keeps us healthy.

We shall be exploring how our breath increases when we take part in physical movement, and in the outdoors we shall be pretending to be dragons with our fiery breath.

Towards the end of January the children will be beginning to celebrate Chinese New Year with recreating the story of how the Chinese zodiac came to be.

January Celebrations


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