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What's New at Upton?

Week Commencing 22nd January 2018

Baby Room

This week in 0-2 room we will be having lots of fun learning our shapes and exploring textures through shape painting, custard play and squirty cream, doesn’t that sound like so much fun?


We are also going to be learning new makaton signs and listening to stories about penguins to celebrate penguin appreciation day.


During our pat-a-cake session this week we are going to be making cakes developing our physical skills mixing all of the ingredients together and taking turns with our friends.


Toddler Room

Last week toddler room children showed lots of interest in the cars and trains, so this week following the children interests we are going to be looking at other forms of transport and different ways we can travel, in our small world area we are going to be using the cars and trains in different textures such as gloop, shaving foam and paint to see what wonderful marks we can make.

We will also be encouraging the children to make beautiful car pictures using the scissors safely to cut up different materials to make a collage and exploring with different colours to design our individual car pictures.


This week during our fun fitness session in Pre-School we are going to be having penguin races balancing balloons in-between our knees to make us walk like a penguin, to celebrate penguin awareness day we are also going to be encouraging the children to make there own ice paint and encouraging the children to paint there own penguins.

We are also going to be creating a winter wonderland in the tuff spot using our snow balls and snow flakes that we are going to be encouraging the children to make themselves, using the scissors. When exploring in our winter wonderland we will be learning all about all of the different arctic animals. 

Dates for your diary

15th January - Family Session for Babies 

18th January - Junk Modelling for Toddlers

15th January - Fun Fitness for Pre School 

PEEP - Little Explorers every Friday afternoon at 1.00pm 










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