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What's New at  Upton this month?

September 2019

Baby Room

In our 0-2 room the children have been showing a great interest in the animals, so we shall be introducing lots of different animals to their play we shall be studying how different sounds are made trying to capture the sound they make while we sing ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’ and listening to the ‘Dear Zoo’ story.

In our tuff tray we shall be encouraging the older children to make a zoo out of junk modelling, while the younger children enjoy the experience of crunching the animals in a variety of cereal.

In the water tray we shall be fishing for our colours using different containers to see how many we can catch.

In messy play the children will have assortment of different textures to explore such as gloop, chopped jelly, playdough and our favourite squirty cream which we will hide the animals in.

In the garden we shall encourage the children to move like different animals, walking tall like a giraffe, sliding along like a snake and jumping like a kangaroo.

At story time the children will be listening to their favourite stories, and we shall be introducing lots of sign language to incorporate our interest in animals.

Do you know what simple sign is for a giraffe? Why not look it up and put a picture on tapestry.

We shall also be letting the children create their very own animals using a variety of colours and textures.


Welcome to a new term in the toddler room we are going to have lots of fun celebrating harvest festival, we shall be making scarecrows, printing with fruit and planting bulbs for a splash of colour in the spring.

The children will also be getting to know their new friends byjoining in at story time and circle time. We shall listen to our favourite stories and finding some new ones.

We shall be giving the children the opportunity to paint self-portraits so we can display them in the room.

The children will also be going on an adventure to tickle all their sense by tasting fruit and vegetables, listening for different sounds in the garden and making binoculars to play a game of I spy…..

We will also be encouraging the children to make feely bags and scent bottles.

At messy play the children will be exploring different textures such as gloop, cloud dough, fluffy clouds and strawberry rice.

The children will also be sharing lots of songs and rhymes

My senses are a part of me,

A nose to smell and eyes to see,

Ears to hear and hands to touch,

A tongue to taste good food and such.

My senses are a part of me,

Working all in harmony.


In our Pre-School room the children will be welcoming back their friends from their summer break and getting to know their new friends.  I am sure there will be lots of chatter, hugs and big smiles.

First we shall see how much everyone has grown by letting the children measure each other by a variety of items, tape measure, foam bricks and even string. We shall keep this as a record and throughout the year we shall see how many centimetres we will grow.

In art and design, we shall be painting self-portraits to display in the room using lots of different college material to make each one unique.

Using our fine manipulation skills, we shall be making funny faces using balloons, flour and wool to construct our funny face, while we will be making them we shall be exploring our emotions what makes us happy, sad, excited.

In the garden we shall be taking part in our yoga sessions, you can always come andjoin us you know…

During the summer the children have been really interested in different occupations and we have had lots of dressing up and the children have set up fire stations and they have even made police cars out of our large boxes and bricks so we shall continue with their interest and see what other professions the children would like to be. We shall also be inviting the services to come and visit and talk to the children.

PEEP - Little Explorers every Friday afternoon at 1.00pm 

Play and Stay Sessions every Friday 10am 11 am





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