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What's New at Seacombe Nursery?

October 2018

Baby Room October 2018

This month in baby room we will be learning about autumn, exploring different colours that we see around us. We will be exploring different textures, getting messy playing with jelly and custard and making Halloween sensory bags to explore.


The children will be finger painting autumn pictures using oranges and browns to create our own trees and leaves. During outdoor play the children will collect different objects to make autumn sensory bottles.

To develop our fine motor and mark making skill the children will be making Halloween pictures including spiders, bats and pumpkins and exploring pumpkins, cutting out the insides and using it for messy play.

We will be learning lots of new songs and stories focusing on autumn and colours.


Toddler Room October 2018

During October in toddler room we will be learning all about autumn and the changes that happen during the season. The children will collect leaves from the garden and use these to create leaf rubbing pictures.  

On an exciting trip to the local shops the children will be buying some autumn vegetables which will be used to make a yummy vegetable soup and for us to talk about staying healthy.


Toddlers will make their own  play dough using different autumn colours including brown and orange they will also be encouraged to add different objects and materials to explore different textures and patterns.

We love our messy play in toddler room and will be having lots of fun including using shaving foam, jelly and ice. To explore colours we will use different food colourings to explore how colours can be changed by mixing them together.

We will be celebrating Halloween making various art and crafts, this we will be making spiders, pumpkins, bats. As well as carving our own pumpkin and using the inside to plant seeds to grow our own pumpkins for next year.


 Pre-School Room October 2018

This month in pre-school we are learning about autumn. We will be going on lots of autumn nature hunts to see what we can find and then making pictures using the items we have found on our hunts. We will be exploring different items of autumn during our Forest School sessions.


We have an exciting new book called “We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt” we will be using this book to develop our listening and reading skills. We will be expanding on the book by going on our own leaf hunt and talking about the different seasons and the changes that happen to the weather and the world around us as the seasons change.


We are also looking forward to starting our Halloween celebrations all working together to create our own spooky Halloween house to explore. We will be having lots of sensory play and baking including pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, jelly play and pumpkin carving to develop our fine and gross motor skills and to develop our understanding of quantities and numbers.


Dates to remember –

Halloween party – 31st October 2-3pm everyone is welcome to come along and join in we have lots of fun activities planned. 

Parents Evening – Toddlers and Babies have their annual parents evening on 24th October we will be starting appointments from 2pm please see Ayme in the office or your child's key person for appointments. 

Half term – October half term will be 22nd to 26th for all our term time only children.

Come and join us!!

Every week we hold a little explorers’ session which we would love for you and your child to come along to.  It gives you a chance to join in some lovely activities with your child and learn how to support their learning and development at home.  Sessions are held every Tuesday at 10am, they are lots of fun so please come along!











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