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What's New at Seacombe Nursery?

June 2018

Baby Room

We have got lots of exciting activities planned this month in baby room. We will be celebrating Father’s Day by inviting our dads/uncles/granddads into nursery for a fun afternoon of activities and games. We will be making cards and salt dough crafts by exploring and experimenting with various materials through sensory exploration, which we will be taking home as presents.

We will celebrating the Queen’s birthday by making and creating our own crowns; mark making in various ways to explore different textures. The babies are starting to show lots of interest in the effects of making movements which leave marks.

We will be celebrating the World Cup by looking at different colours of the countries and flags. We will be creating our own flags using finger painting.

We will be celebrating National Mud Day by adding mud to our sand tray and using various utensils to explore with. We will add water to the mud to enhance the experience changing the texture of the mud.

We will be concentrating on different movements this month developing different ways of moving from crawling to walking. We will be developing our ability to pull to stand holding onto a member of staff or furniture for support, even walking around furniture and working towards taking some steps independently. For our younger babies we will be looking at crawling and rolling continuously to move around the room.

We will be singing lots of action rhyme songs learning and copying the actions. We love to imitate actions we have observed and are beginning to move to music and join in with favourite’s songs and rhymes.

Our favourite song is twinkle twinkle everyone becomes very excited when we start signing and are starting to learn to join in with the actions.  See the link below so you can help your child at home.


Our favourite story is Fantastic Daisy Artichoke.  Please see the link below.


We will be building blocks this month and counting to 3!  This will be to help develop awareness of number names through the enjoyment of play. We will be building towers counting 1, 2, 3 as we build. Click on the link below to join in at home.


Toddler Room

We have got lots of exciting activities planned this month in toddler room. We will be celebrating Father’s Day by inviting our dads/uncles/granddads into nursery for a fun afternoon of activities and games. We will be making some exciting cards and lots of art and crafts for presents to take home including making play dough animals, mark making and junk models.

For child safety week we will be learning about different ways we can stay safe at home and at nursery. We will be looking at different people who help keep us safe including fire brigade and police. We will talk about road safety and how to stay safe when out and about. We will be watching videos and talking about this during circle times looking at pictures and reading stories.  See the link below to help support your child with this at home.


We will be joining in with the excitement of the World Cup! Looking at different countries involved and making flags. We will be using the flags to learn about different colours and shapes to develop our understanding of the world and notice simple shapes in patterns and pictures. We will be learning about transport with the World Cup talking about how we get to different places i.e. boat, plane, car and creating passports.  See activities on the link below.


We will be talking about sun safety as part of our safety week as the weather is getting warmer we will be enjoying lots of fun times outside. We will be taking part in many fun activities including bowling to develop our hand eye coordination, football and throwing developing our gross motor skills. We will be having, lots of water play outside adding bubbles, boats, balls, paintbrushes, sponges and exploring the different textures learning new descriptive words to talk about what we see and feel.

We will be enjoying National Mud Day by beginning to make believe by pretending that we are making lots of mud pies, cakes and mud shakes. We will be using different size containers to fill up and empty talking about size and using language of quantities such as less, more, a lot and beginning to make comparisons between quantities.


We will also be making ice lollies and discovering how the liquid freezes when put in the freezer and talking about our likes and dislikes and expressing our own preferences. We really enjoy baking and preparing our own food in toddler room so we will be making some healthy fruit salads and talking about keeping healthy.


We will be mark making using squishy sensory bags adding paint and other materials to the bags and using our fingers and paint brushes to create patterns and other marks in the paint. We will be talking about what marks we are making and looking if we can distinguish between different marks.



In pre-school this month we are all very excited to invite our dads/uncles/granddads to join us for a fun activities afternoon to celebrate Father’s Day; we have lots of fun games and activities planned. We will also be making lots of arts and crafts to take home as presents.

We are excited to learn all about different ways to stay safe during child safety week including inviting the fire brigade in to talk to us about how to stay safe and how they help keep us safe. We will be going on lots of local walks and talking about road safety.  We will be using circle time to share ideas of how to stay safe in nursery and at home. We will also be talking about stranger danger and looking at pantasaurus talking about how to stay safe.  Please see below to find a parents guide and a fun song to sing along to with your child.



We will be getting excited for the World Cup and talking about all the different countries involved showing interest in different ways of life. We will look at the different colours and shapes of the flags and creating our own flags. We will be joining in with food tasting from various countries developing our senses and talking about likes and dislikes. We will be having a football tournament to celebrate the World Cup; developing our gross motor skills and working together in teams demonstrating friendly behaviour and showing awareness of rules and boundaries set.


We will be enjoying lots of time outdoors this month with the lovely weather and have lots of fun activities planned. We will be using our imaginations and pretending to be builders and decorators using various materials and resources to create role play to paint and decorate our garden using and developing our own forms of expression and creating simple representations of people objects and events. We have also used our imaginations to create our very own nursery car wash using sponges and jugs to wash our own cars ready to go for a drive with our friends.

We will also be looking at becoming ready for our big school adventure this month and preparing or children for their big transition. We will be doing lots of activities based around writing our names and other letters, recognising letters, numbers and shapes. We will be talking a lot about the transitions and looking at pictures of all our new schools in preparation. We are also very excited to be welcoming some of our new teachers in for a visit to meet the children.


We also have our graduation very soon and are working very hard in practising our song and actions to show to everyone on the big day here is the link for the song to help practice at home.


Days to remember this month

We have lots of exciting things this month which we would love for you to be involved with,

Father’s Day – On Friday 15th June we have a Father’s Day afternoon. It will be from 2.00pm-3.00pm and we have lots of activities planned including junk modelling, painting, play dough and snack. We hope you can all make it please see a member of staff for more details.

Child safety week 4th – 10th June – We are very excited for the fire brigade to come along on Thursday 7th to talk to the children about fire safety and how they keep us safe. They will bring along their fire engine for the children to explore.

Little Explorers Session – This session runs every Tuesday afternoon at 1.15pm – 2.15 in the toddler room. Please feel free to come along with your little ones to join in the fun.

Sports Day – Due to the weather we had to postpone our sports day in May and are now holding it on Monday 4th June 2-3pm. All our children have worked very hard in practicing all their races and are very excited to share this with everyone. We hope you can all make it and look forward to our mummy and daddy races too J

Photographer – We have the photographer coming in on Tuesday 19th June. We will be having all out nursery photos plus graduation photos on this day. If you child does not attend on a Tuesday please come along at 1.30pm for your photos if you wish to have them taken. For all children who are graduating please see Hayley or Sonia for your letters with your times on.

Graduation – We are very excited to start planning our Graduation Ceremony to celebrate the children’s journey onto big school.  We will be holding it at Wallasey Town Hall on Monday 23rd July at 1.00pm-2.30pm; please do not arrive more than 20 minutes before the starting time. Tickets will be available soon from the office please see Sonia for more details.

















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