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What's New at Oxton Nursery?

September 2019

0-1  Room


“Ten little fingers,

And ten tiny toes,

Two innocent eyes,

And one button nose,

Two cute dimple hands,

To play peek-a-boo,

Two soft feet,

To toddle towards you,

Two hands to explore,

A world filled with fun!” 

This month we will be looking at all the lovely photos we have of each other, we will be pointing out our own photos and ones of our friends, and some family ones too!  We will then be using our creative skills to help decorate some lovely photos frames to put our photos inside and display around the room proudly to look at.  We are looking forward to exploring our garden this week, we have enhanced a little area with cars and another push along toys, we will be using our physical skills to move the objects around on the floor, crawling and some of us even walking.  We will also be looking out for birds and planes up high in the sky!  Of course, it wouldn’t be a week in babies without lots of exploration play with different textures and also learning new sounds and rhythms with our musical instruments.

1-2 Room

This month in the 1-2 room we are going to be using our senses and exploring a range of new textures.  “Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.” Babies will be using touch to explore a range of different textures such as noodle play; we will be trying to measure different amounts of noodles into different size cups. 


This month toddlers are look at the theme ‘Caring and Sharing’.  “A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside”. Toddlers will be creating a kind hands warm heart display with the children which shows moments of kindness in the toddler room. The children are learning all about their helping hands and kind hands and learning a new song about these hands. We also have a very special story about sharing and how important it is to share with our friends.


The fuzzy caterpillar curled upon a leaf,

Spun her little chrysalis,

And then fell fast asleep,

While she was sleeping,

She dreamed she could fly,

And later when she woke up,

She was a butterfly!”

After creating our beautiful learning tree in the class room, we have found a new interest and focus in the ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story book, we have so far created some awesome props to further bring the story to life and we have found the children’s new interest is the butterfly life cycle!  We will be looking at the amazing cocoons that the caterpillars make to sleep in and looking at how it turns them into a beautiful butterfly!

Dates for the diary

2nd September-New Term Starts

10th September– Making Photo Frames with Babies 3pm-4pm

11th September– Salt Dough Hand Printing with Toddlers 3pm-43pm

12th September– Butterfly pictures with Pre-School

Come and join us for these sessions just ask a member of staff!




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