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What's New at Oxton Nursery?

January 2020


Baby Room

Babies will be using lots of different animal noises making links with the animals such as pig, cow and horse imitating their sounds through nursery rhymes and play. Babies will be exploring different textures representing different habitats using their whole bodies. They will explore in wavy spaghetti, water just like the duck pond and hay like the farm animals too.

Toddler Room

In toddlers this month they will be exploring their environment collecting lots of natural resources during nature walks within the garden. They will be collecting objects such as sticks, leaves and mud to bring back into our nursery room allowing them to experience making different marks using the different materials.


Pre-School are looking at shapes within their environment, comparing object shapes to each other looking at similarities and differences. Using their fine motor skills pre-school will be using scissors to cut shapes of their own and talking about their shapes too. Preschool really enjoy Dough Gym which will help develop the muscles in their fingers to support with their writing. Pre-school will be focusing on letters of their name and exploring making the marks to form recognisable letters in different materials such as flour, soil and paint.




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