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Whats on this month 


Baby Room 0-1


“5 little fishes


Swimming in the sea,


Teasing Mr Shark


You can’t catch me


You can’t catch me


Then along came Mr Shark


As quiet as can be


And SNAP!”


This month in the 0-1 room we will be focusing on all things under the sea!  We will transform our room into an underwater sanctuary, there will be fishes and other under water creatures to gaze upon on the ceiling and lots of sensory exploration to be had!


The babies are loving exploring messy play materials so we think it would be a great idea to incorporate the under the sea theme, there will be lots of art work creations for our wall and ceiling displays, we will explore some pretend sea creatures in our shallow water trays and will even make our very own sea animals by painting on sustainable, recycled boxes.  Don’t forget we love to sing and dance all day long and we will be learning lots of new under the water themed songs and rhymes with numbers and action to learn!  Don’t forget to check out our song videos on Tapestry so you can do the actions at home too!


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Baby Room 1-2


“Listen to the mustn’ts child,


Listen to the don’ts,


Listen to the shouldn’t’s,


The impossible, the won’ts,


Listen to the never have’s,


Then listen close to me…


Anything can happen child,


Anything can be”


This month in the 1-2 room imagination is the key!  We will be building on the children’s knowledge through imaginary and pretend play.  Come and join us on our magical journey into what ever we want to be!  We will start with some of our favourite story books and enhance our book area further by adding new imaginary props.  We will also be expressing our creativity by making our own sock puppets to use for the characters of the stories, these will also be used to role play our baby room rules using our kind hands, listening ears, and walking feet.  The children will have lots of opportunity for dressing up into whatever they want to be and any particular interests will be celebrated!  The children will also have the opportunity to be our Jack and Jill builders in our construction area, they can dress up in their high vis jackets and build to their hearts content with endless and open ended resources!


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Toddler Room


“Giraffes are tall with necks so long,


Elephant’s trunks are big and strong,


Zebra’s have stripes and can gallop away,


While monkeys in trees do sway,


Old crocodile swims in the pool do deep,


Or lies in the sun and goes to sleep”


This month in the Toddler room we will be walking through the jungle into an animal kingdom!  We will transform our room and bring it to life with all different types of animals, we will be focusing on some animal books including ‘Dear Zoo’ which is one of our favourite.  We will be making our own animal props to go with our stories including animal puppets made out of recycled materials like socks, we will be able to decorate them to look like our favourite animal from the book and act out the scenes using our imagination.  We will be using our pretend skills a lot during our animal themed month, we’ll be making our own masks to go with our animal dress up’s so we can stomp like an elephant and swim like a shark!  As usual our toddlers will be developing on their maths and literacy skills so look out for the animal themed number and letter games!


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“Everybody has a name,


Some are different,


Some the same,


Some are short,


Some are long,


All are right,


None are wrong,


I like my name,


It’s special to me,


It’s exactly who,


I want to be”


In Pre-School every day is a fun learning journey, we love to focus on those important things, from having fun with friends to exploring with literacy and finding our own name.  We will be focusing on encouraging the children to see literacy in lots of different ways including reading it, writing it and making it!  We can make letters using lots of different materials which can be manipulated including play dough, tissue paper with glue, and even decorate our creation with glitter and paint!  To write our names we can also be imaginative and use our fingers to mark the letters in a tray with sand, rice or gloop! 


Our Pre-School class will also be heading out on a fantastic community trip to the farm this month, we will be talking about the animals and what they need to be looked after, I wonder what we will spot there!


Our sunflowers are shooting up nicely in the class room and it is now time to let them grow in the big wide world of our garden!  We will be taking them down to the veg patch to grow big and strong but we will need to ensure we care for them and support them for when they get nice and big!  We will have to ensure we monitor the progress of our sunflowers and make sure they are thriving in our garden, we will need to take a measurement of them each week using measuring tape, we will discuss the numbers and the measurements as we do it to enhance the children’s math’s skills and take our finding back in to the class room to record.  It’s going to be a busy month



























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