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What's New at Oxton Nursery?

22nd  January 2018

Baby Room 0-1 Years


This week we will be exploring different textures by doing lots of sensory play.  We’re going to have lots of fun using angel delight and cereal using our hands, feet and knees by crawling through listening to all the different sounds they make and what they feel like…. crunch, splash, soft, hard, rough and smooth.  We are also planning to remove all the balls out of our pond and replace them with different materials!  We will be learning a new song this week which is French!  It’s called ‘Alouette Gentile Alouette’ and is now displayed in our room for all to learn!

Baby Room 1-2 Years

This week we will be enjoying all of the natural materials we collected on our local nature walk, we will be exploring them and making our very own natural musical instruments!  We love to be creative so we will use the left over materials for art work, sticking and gluing is one of our favourite things to do…. Let’s get messy!  Our creations will be 3D and displayed around the room by hanging them from the ceiling for everyone to see and be proud of, we can use twigs, leaves and pine cones!  To focus on our literacy skills, (yes even as babies we love to write!)  We will be mark making with lots of messy things like paint, flour, pasta and twigs!  Let’s see what the babies come up with during these experiences!

Toddler Room

This week in Toddlers it’s all about bugs and creepy crawlies!  Yes!!  We will be talking about where bugs like to live and will then make our very own bug houses, we will get them nice and cosy ready to place them in the garden next week to see if we can attract any residents!  We will be using lots of recyclable materials to make our bug houses; there are so many resources we could use!

As we have a new play dough station in our messy play area, we will be designing our own cool play dough and talking about what we can add to it to make it more interesting!  Toddlers will be sprucing up their home corner, we will be discussing what our favourite foods are and also incorporating healthy eating so we learn about what to eat every day and what to eat just for treats.  We will draw pictures of our favourite foods and display them in the home corner.



This week we will be celebrating the great outdoors and the beautiful area around us!  We will be talking about ways in which to be safe when outdoors, like road safety, looking at traffic lights!  We will be enhancing our top play ground area with a car wash and road works so we can role play to our hearts content!  To help with our mathematical development we will also be incorporating nature by collecting things such as pine cones, leaves and twigs and using them back in the class room!  We will also be taking our literacy development to our outdoor class room to write our names in the great outdoors, how exciting!!  We are also focusing on Makaton, yoga and much more! 

Did you know we have a suggestion box? Please feel free to pop any suggestions you may have in to the suggestion box located near the office.

Dates for the Diary

Peep – ‘Little Explorers Play and Stay'  Every Monday 3.30-4.30pm (2-5 years)

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