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What's New at Oxton Nursery?

Week Commencing 10th July 2017

0-1 Room

This week in the 0-1 room we will be doing lots of messy play activities, such as jelly play, gloop and flour, running our fingers through the runny sticky slimy mess is such fun. We will also be stretching our imagination with the farm animals and farm house, making lots of animal noises and moving like animals.


This week in our 1-2 room we will be making our own Gloop, we will be adding lots of different materials to it like food coulouring, glitter and lots of other interesting sensory materials to excite and stimulate our senses. We will be walking through the jungle in our outdoor classroom, exploring all the different animals and the sounds of the jungle, we will also be developing our physical skills using the stepping stones to balance and jump over avoiding all the crocs in the jungle.

Can you make your own gloop at home with interesting items ?

Toddler Room

This week in toddlers, we are looking at different ways to move. We will be talking about the different ways animals move and trying our best to move like them. Also visiting the jungle and talking about the different animals.Also Toddlers will be talking about people who help us and will be looking forward to meeting the fire fighters on Tuesday Morning.


This week in Pre-School we will be turning into mini scientists, we will be creating 'A Wizards Brew' we will be exploring what happens when different ingredients are mixed together. We will also be using our creative skills next week when we create our very own mealtime placemats which will be individual to us.

As we love singing our alphabet we will be making 3d letters using junk modeling which we are going to display in our book corner.

Come and join us!

Did you know we have a suggestion box? Please feel free to pop any suggestions you may have in to the suggestion box located near the office.


Family hour  and Dates to remember July2017

Monday mornings at 9am- Parent sessions for our toddler's and up. Come and try some new activities with your child and find ways of developing their learning at home, whilst meeting and talking to other parents


Preschool parent's evening- 10th July 6pm-8pm










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