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Whats on this month: March 2019

Baby room

0-1 Room

This month in the 0-1 we will be getting ready for spring.  We will create our very own spring pictures using a range of different textures.

Also we will be going on a walk to see what different things we can see in the environment and collect for our pictures. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn the more places you’ll go”.

We will be reading our favourite book “Dear Zoo” and making the noises of the animals. Babies will be having lots of fun with messy play and exploring the different textures such as spaghetti and whipped cream.

1-2 Room

This month in 1-2’s we will be getting ready for spring. We will be creating our very own spring board with lots of different activities for the children such as counting the butterflies and counting the bees. Babies will collect items from the outdoors and creating their very own spring pictures. Mix a pancake, stir a pancake, pop it in a pan, fry a pancake, toss a pancake, and catch it if you can!” Babies will be creating their very own pancakes using play dough. Adding different things inside the pancakes such as flowers leaves and grass from the outdoors.


Toddlers will be looking at their story of the moment which is “We’re going on a bear hunt”. They will be creating a bear hunt tuff spot- using different textures. We will be making a very special gift using salt dough for our ornaments and we will be painting them with our mums at our family hour,

We will be making our very own scones and decorating our own plates ready for our afternoon tea.

“Hello Spring”-Toddlers will be talking all about Spring and what we start to see in the outdoors with this change to the weather. Also toddlers will be learning a new song about spring.



Pre-School are talking all about spring. “Spring is here, spring is here,

Goodbye snow, flowers grow, birds and bees, leaves on trees, hello spring, hello spring!” We are learning all about our new season and talking about what happens in spring. We will be collecting the new spring flowers from the garden and trying our best to draw them. We will also be talking about the different animals which are born in spring time. It doesn’t stop there, we will be celebrating St David’s day by drawing our very own daffodils and we will be making our very own pancakes using play dough and flipping them using the frying pans, what a busy month.


Dates for the Diary:

St Davids Day-1st March 2019

Pancake Day-5th March 2019

World Book Day 7th March 2019-Dress up as your favourite character from a book.

Red Nose Day 15th March 2019-Crazy Hair Day

St Patrick’s Day -17th March 2019

Holi-20th-21st March 2019

Mother’s Day- 31st March 2019-Afternoon Tea and crafts 3.30pm-4.30pm 

Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles are welcome to join us to take part in some lovely Valentines Day activities with your child.


Please RSVP as soon as possible to your child's key person.



























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