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What's New at Brimstage Nursery?

June 2018

Baby Room

This month we are exploring our garden, we have lots of plants in the garden that we have to look after! We have a mixture of plants in the sensory garden such as mint and some spring onions. We have also got some yummy strawberries growing. In our maths area we will be challenging ourselves to count to 5 and above, we will also be matching and grouping! In our story corner we will be having a read of all of our big books, learning some new phrases and characters. In our messy zone we will be exploring different textures and colours; we will be exploring fairy mud and jelly pies!

We will be taking part in some big bubble blowing out in the garden using hula hoops; watching them pop as we sing some special songs. This will involve both fine and gross motor skills. We have Father’s Day to celebrate this month and we will be making lots of gifts for our special people. We also have ‘Stay and Play’ for Father’s Day so you can come and join in with all the fun activities and arts and crafts on June 15th at 10am. On the 27th we have our parent session where we will be travelling around the world finding lots of new and exciting sounds. We are also very excited as we are going to have a photographer come in and take our photos don’t worry if you are not in you can still come and join us on June 12th (please ask your child’s key person for a time slot).

Toddler Room

In June our room focus is going to be “Under the Sea” we will be doing lots of activities such as making jelly fish and discussing how many legs they have. We will be making under the sea themed play dough using the different colours we can see from under sea and we will even be making our own fish and octopus’. We will be doing a lot of water play looking at the different creatures that we can find and using words such as float and sink and testing out different materials. We have some new under the sea songs like “Old McDonald had an ocean”.

We also have Father’s Day coming up and we are going to be making cards and talking about all the important role models and special people we know. Whilst we are making our cards we are going to have a try at using scissors to practice our fine motor skills. There are going to be worksheets available for you to do some under the sea themed activities at home, you can bring them back into your teacher as well and you will get a sticker! We are going to be having a ‘Stay and Play’ for all the male role models in our life but you have to make sure you bring a teddy to join our picnic, that’s on June 15th at 10am. We also have our photographer coming in on June 12th so make sure you’re all looking smart and don’t worry if you don’t attend you can still come in just ask for a time slot.


Over the next month in pre-school our focus is the 3 little pigs we will be exploring the different houses and the strengths using words such as weak and strong and trying to trial it ourselves by building the different houses. We will be building using the different materials such as straw, sticks and bricks in our forest school sessions; we will be looking for the different materials in the garden.

We will be exploring some descriptive words such as rough and spiky. As we are approaching summer we will be doing lots of activities for our new display, for example writing some captions helping our fine motor skills when we are writing and exploring the outdoors to see the change in weather and in the environment to see if any new plants have grown.  We will be looking at how our plants and vegetable are progressing which the children have done a brilliant job with; making sure they know that watering them keeps them hydrated and keeps them alive. We will make sure we are counting them along the way as well checking each day if they are getting more leaves.

In June we are also celebrating Father’s Day, we will be making special cards for the special male role model in our lives. We will be taking the opportunity to create some wonderful learning experiences such as making biscuits and making portraits of our favourite person; this could be our uncle, brother, granddad, dad or step dad! We would like all of the children’s important role models to join us as we celebrate by having a teddy bear picnic on June 15th at 2pm. June looks like a very exciting month ahead. We also have our photographer joining us on June 12th he will be taking all of our photographs for our Graduation pack; we will be wearing our blue gowns but don’t worry if your not booked in for this date you can still come along which is very exciting. Since graduation isn’t that far away either we are practicing our graduation song at the moment if you would you like to practice it at home the link for it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdeYKrLqCV8, don’t forget to try and join in the actions as well. We hope you enjoy practicing for Graduation.

Our Graduation Ceremony will be held on 23rd July at Wallasey Town Hall, please call in to the office to collect your free tickets!!



Photographer 12th June

Child Safety Week 2018 from 4th-10th  June

World Oceans Day 2018 8th June

Father’s Day 2018 17th June

World Music Day 2018 21st June


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