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What's New at Brimstage Nursery?

March 2019

This month in the 0-2 room we are very excited because there is so much to celebrate.  We will be discussing the changes in the weather as spring arrives. We will be looking at the different colours of the flowers outside and try and make our own.  We will be making daffodils for St David’s Day, we are looking forward to using lots of bright colours. We also have St Patrick’s Day to celebrate as we will be going on a hunt into the garden for some clovers to use for printing with, but the challenge is can we find a 4-leaf clover!  We are looking forward to Pancake Day, a very tasty day this will be. We are going to be making and eating pancakes and decorating them with our own choice of topping.  It’s a very tasty process. We will be celebrating Mother’s at the end of March, we have some special treats to take home for the important people in our lives, we hope you love what we have in store for you.

Family session: Monday 11th February, clover painting, 10-11am

Toddler Room will be celebrating St David’s Day, Shrove Tuesday, St Patrick’s Day and Mother’s Day so we have lots of fun activities planned.  We will be planting our own daffodils in the garden and watching them grow whilst discussing the change in weather as spring approaches. We will be looking carefully at the different colours used and if we can copy them by making our own flowers using lots of different media such as paint, crayons and gluing and sticking.  For Pancake Day we will be decorating our own pancakes and trying to toss them in the air and catch them, it might be a little bit hard, but we are ready for a challenge. We also have our very own pancake song you will have to try it at home “mix a pancake, stir a pancake, pop in the pan, fry a pancake, toss a pancake, and catch it if you can”. For St Patrick’s Day we are going to be decorating shamrocks and painting them using lots of different shades of green.  We are also going to be listening to Irish music. Lastly, we can’t forget Mother’s Day, we are going to be making special pictures for all the special ladies in our life.

Family Session: Monday 11th February, planting daffodils, 2-3pm

In pre-school this month we are very excited to be celebrating St David’s Day, we will be making our very own daffodils using tissue paper and exploring different ways of changing the paper and maybe even painting it too.  In the messy room we are going to make our own green clovers for St Patrick’s Day using the play dough cutters and adding green colour and glitter to it, we will also be listening to Irish music and even try some Irish dancing, we have been watching this video to help us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TL3TjwL0zFg . In the home corner we will be making our own pancake meals learning to flip our pancakes up in the air and catch them in the pan, it’s so much fun. Mother’s Day is also happening this month so we are going to be making some beautiful spring cards for them we can’t wait.

Family session:  Monday 11th February, making Mother’s Day pictures, 10-11am

Also don’t forget its world book day on the 7th March come dressed in your best outfit and don’t forget to bring your book along with you too.


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