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What's New at Brimstage Nursery?

October 2018

Baby Room

This month in the 0-2 room we will be exploring lots of textures for Halloween and autumn. We are going to be making leaf jelly and talking about the textures of pumpkins inside and out. We are going to be linking this with counting as well. We have been singing “5 little pumpkins” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDnXXgK-OXI, here is the link so you can sing along with your child at home. We are going to be celebrating Halloween with lots of spooky activities and having our Halloween party on the 31st so make sure you come dressed as scary as you can! We are also going to be outside collecting leaves discussing the different colours and discussing how some are crunchy and some have other textures, we are then going to make our own art work from this using the leaves to print. Lastly, we have made our own cafe in our baby room, this is very exciting for our children because they are using real food and it’s also helping enhance their communication and language.

Toddler Room

This month in toddler room we will be looking at the different colours this season and Halloween bring, we will be discussing how we mix different colours to make something new helping the children to improve their expressive arts and design development. We will be exploring natural materials such as egg boxes and turning them into bats and using toilet roll holders to turn into ghosts so we will also be teaching children about recycling as well and how important it is for the environment. When we are in the garden we are going to be going on a bug hunt looking for spiders, we have been looking at this story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nL7On2gBkw which helps us know what to do when looking for bugs. When we have find spiders and bugs we are going to get our clip boards out and see if we can draw them as well. We are also going to be exploring the textures of a pumpkin and getting the children to start using their descriptive language. Don’t forget our Halloween party on the 31st!


This month in pre-school we will be looking at autumn and Halloween; joining in with lots of different activities based around this. For autumn, if you go on any walks around the woods and find different things such as conkers and acorns and different coloured leaves, you could pick them up and bring them into pre-school to share at circle time. We will be able to use our imaginations to create art work with the things that you have collected. We have been using the computer to research with the children and to help us understand where acorns and conkers come from, here is a little story attached for you to share with your child to extend their understanding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2t2aCipVMxo.  For Halloween we will be creating different decorations to go around our room to get ready for the Halloween party at the end of the month. We will also be getting involved in lots of messy play including different coloured gloops and jellies, we will be encouraging the children to go and look for different letters and numbers that will be secretly hidden inside. The children will be able to use different tools and also their hands to go searching inside the gloop and jelly.


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