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What's New at Brimstage Nursery?

January 2020

This month in Jack and Jill Brimstage, we are all very excited as we are all coming back from our holidays and can’t wait to talk about what Santa has brought us and discuss the New Year celebration!

Baby Room

In the 0-2 room we will be doing lots of 1-1 activities as we have lots of new children starting so it is that time for the children to create a bond with their key person through different activities such as the mirror area and sensory exploration. As winter has officially hit us here we are excited to go and explore the garden and see if we can find any ice or icicles. We will be participating in lots of ice play, we will be feeling the textures and encouraging the use of simple words from the children to help achieve their next steps, we will also be creating lots of tuff spots to represent the white snow and exploring the children’s senses through shaving foam, flour and sugar.

Toddler Room

In the toddler room we are going to be exploring the curiosity approach, discovering a variety of loose play items and how we can create something new and explore how to put these in to play. We are encouraging all our parents if they have any unwanted loose parts to bring them in and let our children explore them further and let their imaginations grow. We will be bringing this into play into the garden as well letting the children use a range of different tools and materials to create something new. We will also be exploring the winter affects in the garden and the changes that we can see, seeing if frosty has come to our garden over night.


In pre-school this month we are focusing on the children’s favourite story book “The Smartest Giant in Town”, the children are really enjoying this book at the moment.  The story encourages the concepts of sharing together and helping do things for other people; it fits in well with our golden rules and encourages the children to follow them. We are all very excited about this book! In pre-school we will also be writing our thank you letters to Father Christmas and our mums, dads and carers for a lovely Christmas helping us to practise our writing skills and our pencil grips.


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